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Ambri has the potential to lead the world from fossil fuels to renewable electricity. The Liquid Metal Battery (LMB), a unique grid-scale energy storage device, is low-cost, scalable, and safe and will quite simply change how the world stores electricity. Municiplities, electric utilities, building owners, and landowners around the world are desperate for low-cost, safe energy solutions that will stabilize the exisiting grid and integrate intermittent renewable technologies.


The first Ambri commercial deployment is scheduled for 4Q 2018.

Electricity storage that's low-cost, long lived, and safe.  It's a gamechanger.  Really.


Together we can revolutionize energy.

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53 Brigham St., Unit 9

Marlborough, MA 01752-5128

CEO Phil Giudice



Ambri was founded in 2010 with the goal of commercializing the Liquid Metal Battery, invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the laboratories of Professor Donald Sadoway. Located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, the company’s team includes Phil Giudice as Chief Executive Officer, David Bradwell as Chief Technology Officer, and Donald Sadoway as Chief Scientific Advisor.


Ambri has raised in excess of $50 million in equity financing to date, from five (5) investors: Bill Gates, Total, Khosla Ventures, KLP Enterprises (Pritzker family), and GVB (Swiss insurance company).

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